Magical Autumn



Descent of the Green Route – Natural Path of La Plata by bicycle. (With activity companies from Ambroz, rental bike is included). Collaboration with Bicis Colmer.

You can view the photos from 2022 here.

The company will pick you up in Aldeanueva del Camino, take you to Puerto de Béjar, and there the bike route begins for you to enjoy a very special experience until you reach Aldeanueva del Camino, crossing the mountains. There you will return your bike and can enjoy the activities of Children’s Day. The companies have bikes of different sizes, as well as carts and chairs for children. They will coordinate with you to specify your needs. Easy descent route of 18 km: Puerto de Béjar-Aldeanueva del Camino. Departure from Aldeanueva del Camino.

Cars should be left in the area indicated on the map, at the exit of Aldeanueva towards Plasencia in an urbanized area. From there, the bus will take the participants to the starting point at Puerto de Béjar.

NOTE: Limited spaces, price €5. Register at this link (from October 30 to November 2 at 12:00 p.m.).

If the activity is canceled due to weather conditions, the money will be refunded.






  • Sunday 5 de November de 2023
  • 10:00
  • Aldeanueva del Camino
    Departure from the parking area next to the road (see map and link).

    The bus will depart from this point, next to the N-630 (red area), which is a perfect area to park your car.


"Bike Descent of the Greenway, Magical Autumn 2023"

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