Magical Autumn

XXI MTB RIDE. Paths of Ambroz

XXI MTB RIDE. Paths of Ambroz


Part of the activities of Magical Autumn 2023, declared a NATIONAL TOURIST INTEREST FESTIVAL.

The route covers 42 km. Medium to high difficulty.

Photo gallery from the 2022 edition here.

Since the addition of a section of approximately 3.5 km uphill to ‘Collado de Enmedio’ with slopes of up to 16%, the difficulty of the route has increased, but it will allow us to enjoy new images of Ambroz. Nevertheless, the experience leads us to describe it as spectacular while still entirely manageable for cyclists with minimal preparation.

It passes through many of the localities in Ambroz (Hervas, Gargantilla, Segura de Toro, Casas del Monte, Aldeanueva del Camino), through paths, trails, chestnut forests, and oak groves that will showcase their charms to participants along the way.

Over the years, the route has become a reference in Extremaduran and neighboring provinces for both the beauty of its course and the quality of its organization.

There will be more activities that morning for companions and the general public. Check the schedule on this website.


  • Sunday 12 de November de 2023
  • 08:30
  • Hervás
    Sports Pavilion

    Registration and departure take place at the sports pavilion located in the center of Hervás, next to the Health Center.


Photo gallery of the 2023 mountain biking route

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