What is Magical Autumn?

What it is

A celebration of Nature..

The colours, scents, and flavours of autumn create the perfect backdrop for outdoor activities. Since 1998, this festival has been held, encompassing activities such as hiking, mountain biking routes, trail running, adventure raids, gastronomy, mycology, astronomy, photography, music, and theatre, among others.

When does it takes place

It runs from the last weekend in October to the first weekend of December, including all the weekends in November.

Where is it

In the north of Extremadura, hidden within a garden surrounded by forests and mountains that reach heights of 2,000 meters, lies this valley, crossed by the roman Vía de la Plata and the A66 highway. Showcasing various landscapes, each of its 8 villages holds a treasure: the grasslands of Abadía, the “snowy” cherry orchards in Gargantilla and Casas del Monte, centuries-old chestnut trees in Segura de Toro, the Jewish Quarter of Hervás, the Roman baths of Baños de Montemayor, the Vía de la Plata passing through Aldeanueva del Camino, or the Ice Well of La Garganta are just a few. You must come and discover them.

Why it’s magical

It’s a collaborative celebration, organized with the participation of numerous associations and groups, where the 8,000 residents of Ambroz come together to showcase the best of their villages to visitors. The lush forests of chestnuts and oaks, many of them centuries old and with their own names, adorn themselves with their finest colours before shedding their leaves and preparing for winter. It’s the time of chestnuts, mushrooms, preparing paprika, and homemade butchery. It’s a time of the scent of fires, moss, and damp leaves. Six weekends, more than 70 activities, fun for everyone.

It includes activities for all, organized with great care by the people of the Ambroz Valley, who take pride in showing their villages, cuisine, landscapes, and corners to all.

Entities collaborating in the celebration

The organization of the festival is managed by the Association for the Integral Development of the Ambroz Valley – DIVA, the Local Action Group of the region.

It includes the Commonwealth of Municipalities of the Ambroz Valley, comprising the 8 municipalities in the region. Also, the Association of Tourism in the Ambroz Valley (ATUVA), which includes almost all the accommodations, restaurants, and activity companies in the area, has a role. Additionally, there is representation from agricultural cooperatives, entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals, and socio-cultural associations in the Ambroz Valley, with a special representation of women’s associations.